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Meet the People Behind the Work

Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping those in need in the greater Durham area. Get to know the people who make Little Treasures what it is. Our team is an unbelievable source of information and we are ready to share our events, activities, and the ways for you to get involved.
We are completely volunteer lead and have an amazing mix of knowledge and life experiences

Michelle Abbs

Chairman and trustee (ferryhill groups)

Michelle is founder, chairman, trustee and also a dedicated volunteer to little treasures. She has two children with autism and also volunteers at the ferryhill stay and play and the Lego session. she has a level 2 in understanding autism, understanding challenging behavior, understanding sensory processing disorder, level 1& 2 in health a social care, first aid and has great knowledge around education health and care plans.

I really enjoy my role and i love to support and help families going through the ehcp process because its like a mine field.

Laura younger

Secretary and trustee (ferryhill group)

Laura is secretary, trustee and a dedicated volunteer to little treasures. She runs the ferryhill stay and play, she has a level 2 in understanding sensory processing disorder and a level 2 in health and social care. She has 1 son with autism and fought for a diagnosis for him and will try to be the advocate for those families struggling with the process and their rights.  

It is very much a family, community and support based charity I am proud to be part of.

Clair Black

fundraiser and volunteer (peterlee groups)

Clair runs the peterlee groups which are play and stay, parent support and teen groups. she has 3 children one with autism and has over 14 years of experience and knowledge of autism. she has her level 2 teaching assistant and  level 3 hotel and catering along side level 1 photography.

Best decision i ever made joining this team, i hate how there isnt a great deal of support and now we are filling the gaps.

Hayley Hay

volunteer (Great Lumley group)

Hayleys 7 year old daughter has autism,she has a diploma in child care, level 3 teaching assistant qualification and has worked for 6 years previous with pre school children.

I love groups because they give me purpose and I get to meet other families that I can relate to... And i also like to offer support where and if I can

Charlie Barker

volunteer (Darlington group)

Charlie is a Teaching Assistant for children with Autism. She has qualifications in Understanding Autism, Sensory Sensitivities, Autism Awareness and currently training in Counselling.

I loves the group because it gives children and families support and a safe space to be their complete selves.

Gemma Okeffe

Volunteer (Consett parent support)

Gemma is registered nurse with counselling qualifications. She has 3 children - 1 diagnosed and 1 on the scat pathway.

I love running groups knowing that it's a safe haven for parents and children and i love going to groups with my own children too.

Vikki Savage

volunteer (Lanchester group)

Vikki has two children and her youngest child has autism. She has a level 2 in understanding autism, understanding behavior that challenges, specific learning difficulties and understanding children and young people’s mental health.

I really enjoy running the group, it’s like a second family everyone is lovely and they have became a really good support to each other, their children are friends and being so comfortable and relaxed which is so nice to see.

I’m so proud to be part of little treasures

Melanie Parkin

volunteer (Great Lumley group)

Melanie is pediatric first aid trained and safeguarding training up to date, shes a retired social worker practiced 14 years and worked supporting families for long before that. she has four children two have ASD diagnosis and one DCD Dyslexia and ADHD Traits.

With my kids flying the nest and growing up i want to now help others where i can

Stephanie Burdon

volunteer (Consett group)

Stephanie Burden, has a level 2 in understanding autism and basic children's first aid. she has boy/girl twins and her son is diagnosed with epilepsy and autism. she was also diagnosed with autism in 2018. she wants to help other families like her own.

Support is seriously lacking for our children, I joined the little treasures team hoping we can change that and really make a difference.

Sarah Hardiman

Volunteer (Ushaw Moor group)

Sarah is a stay at home mam of one, her son was diagnosed age 7 but had been waiting for 4 years to get the diagnosis... she joined our team because she didn't get help and support for her son and felt completely isolated at times with him..

This group has gave us support and my son can now play in a non judge-mental environment...

This why I volunteered, to be there for others because no one was there for me and I know how lonely the journey can get for parents.

Emma Martin

Volunteer (Consett group)

Emma is a Qualified primary teacher with a BA degree in early years and curriculum studies, and a Post Graduate degree in early childhood studies. She has worked throughout all key stages from early years to year six and she specialists in reading development. She has supported children with 1-1 for SAT's preparation and has taught children with additional needs who aren't able to access school education.

I have a daughter with autism myself and i love to support others and share my knowledge, there is very little support and im proud to be helping fill the gaps

Claire Dinsley

Volunteer (Ferryhill lego and sensory session)

Claire has a 14 year old son diagnosed with autism, she loves little treasures groups because its full of members which are or have been in her position and its full of help and advise.

My son really enjoys group sessions as he can be his self in a non judgmental environment, little treasures is a great charity and supports so many people. im proud to be apart of it.





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